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Product - Xenosep®

At Last, an Easy, EPA-Approved Method for Oil & Grease!  

Xenosep® SPE Starter Kit Without Hexane Recovery Option

Xenosep Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) Systems provide the easiest and most cost effective way to test for Oil & Grease using EPA Method 1664A.

Fast, in-house results enable you to maintain control over your plant discharges in real time without the complications of the hexane LLE procedure.

Xenosep SPE solutions offer:

  • Lower costs compared to outsourcing your test
  • No complicated emulsions compared to the Hexane Liquid Extraction (LLE) Method
  • Faster results compared to the Hexane Liquid Extraction (LLE) Method
  • Full compliance with EPA Method 1664A

Xenosep SPE Systems are available in convenient kits that include a demonstration video on CD, Filters and Standard for 24 samples, and all the specially designed glassware required to process your samples, one at a time. It is now possible to achieve accurate, reliable, same day Oil & Grease results with full EPA compliance.

For more information, ask Live Help or visit our FAQ.

Need Multiple Sample Processing Capability or to Recover Your Hexane?  

Xenosep® SPE Starter Kit with Solvent Recovery, EPA Method 1664A

Xenosep Starter Kit with solvent recovery includes a distillation assembly for hexane recovery.

Oil & Grease Results Out of Compliance?

If your lab rinses the emptied sample bottle with acetone, methanol or any other solvent other than n-hexane, your EPA Method 1664A results are Out of Compliance. (See

Don’t take chances with the defensibility of your EPA Method 1664A results. Contact Hach today for the Xenosep SPE solution that is right for your lab and get back into compliance ASAP.


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