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US9001B Ultrasonic Sensor with Ballast, suspension kit and mounting hardware. For use with FL900 Logger. 

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Hach US9000 Ultrasonic Sensor Series: Flow Monitoring & Level Alarming

The US9001B resourcefully takes the Down-Looking Ultrasonic Sensor and adds cable-straightening ballast to create a highly reliable SSO and CSO alarming solution when coupled with a wireless Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger. And with highly accessible top-side mounting options that don’t require confined space entry, installation and maintenance is quick and simple, making this an extremely economical approach. So now you can capture data from more sites in your network without crushing your budget. Simply use the proven accuracy of the FLO-DAR® AV Sensor to monitor your critical primary sites, and then employ this more economical alarming option at secondary locations to smartly expand your system awareness and still live within your financial plan. Plus, you can also capture additional flow data using Manning’s equation.

  • More ultrasonic sensor options to solve more flow monitoring challenges
  • Constant Awareness