UDG1000™ with Online Viewer Service

Product #: DMWMS-VIEW-YR
USD Price: $637.00

Hach LAB Cal™

This contract provides a yearly subscription service to view data collected with the Hach UDG1000 software. The UDG1000 software collects data from multiple sources, with any PC or smart device, and automatically sends the data to the UDG1000 Online Viewer. A convenient dashboard shows the current status of each parameter and provides historical trend charts and reports of each parameter. The Viewer allows access from anywhere, anytime for easy data tracking, troubleshooting and analysis. The cost-effective subscription service means no hardware and software to set-up and manage - it just works!

This agreement MUST be ordered with the UDG1000 Software and the UDG1000 Online Viewer (see Accessories).