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TSS XL sc Turbidity and Suspended Solids Inline Probe, Stainless Steel

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Turbidity and suspended solids probe for use in Triclamp piping systems

The TSS XL sc is a digital process probe for the extremely accurate in pipe measurement of turbidity and suspended solids specially designed for use in beverage industries. This in pipe probe is installed by XL weld-on fitting and can measure both on-line suspended solids and turbidity in one instrument. The two channel 90° scattered light turbidity method is in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7027. For the determination of suspended solids a scattered light measurement method at 120 ° is integrated. This eight channel measurement system, with an integrated bubble and temperature compensating software, enables the instrument to have a wide measuring range. The TSS XL sc probes are compatible with the Hach SC200 and SC1000 controller platform. Furthermore, they are made of polished stainless steel with a scratch resistant and easy to clean sapphire window design to withstand harsh environments.
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  • Unique Multi-Beam Pulsed Infrared Light System
  • Automatic Compensation for Air Bubbles and Temperature Swings for Accuracy
  • Standard Compliant and Precise - Ease of Calibration
  • Compatible with Hach SC controller platform
  • Two parameters in one instrument--Suspended Solids and Turbidity