TSS VARI sc, Suspended Solids VARIVENT inline Sensor

Product #: LXV326.99.10002
USD Price: $5,867.00

Measures on-line suspended solids in virtually all applications under the strictest regulatory conditions.

Measures online suspended solids for use in food and pharmaceutical sectors, or in any VARIVENT environment. VARIVENT measuring tube meets the highest quality, hygiene and safety standards while being CIP capable. Measurement window is built of scratch resistant sapphire for easy cleaning. Measures both online suspended solids and turbidity in one instrument. Includes bubble and temperature compensation software for more accurate measurement. Connects directly to all Hach sc controllers for immediate use.

  • Unique Multi-Beam Pulsed Infrared Light System
  • Automatic Compensation for Air Bubbles and Temperature Swings for Accuracy
  • Standard Compliant and Precise - Ease of Calibration
  • Specially designed probes for measurement in high hygienic regulatory conditions