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ToxTrak™ Toxicity Test Kit, 25 tests


ToxTrak™ Toxicity Test Kit, 25 tests
Product #: 2597700


This item is no longer available.

ToxTrak™ Toxicity Test Kit

The ToxTrak™ Toxicity Test uses a colorimetric method to determine the level of toxicity in water and wastewater samples. The ToxTrak™ Toxicity Test Kit is an economical alternative to more traditional methods - respiration, specific enzyme activity, bioluminescence, direct growth - and provides results in a much less time.

This kit is no longer available as the color disc used has been discontinued. ToxTrak Toxicity testing can still be performed, using a spectrophotometer.

  • The ToxTrak™ Toxicity Test Kit which uses a colorimetric method to analyze samples, saving time and money, allowing for more frequent testing.
  • Easy to use test kit analyzes for toxicity in a variety of different applications including: drinking water, wastewater, process waters, pulp and paper facilities, power plants, chemical production facilities, petroleum manufacturing and metal plating facilities.
  • Compares toxicity to a baseline using indigenous biomass or stock bacteria cultures.
  • Quick results in 45 minutes using a Hach spectrophotometer.
  • Kit includes comparator, reusable viewing tubes, 15 Total Bacterial Count Medium tubes, 50 ToxTrak™ reagent pillows, ToxTrak accelerator solution, transfer pipets & apparatus.