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Hach BioTector B3500e TOC Analyzer

Organic contamination in water can cause significant issues requiring water managers to act quickly

How do you currently avoid compliance fines, maintain final product quality, and monitor product losses to address faulty equipment or water reuse streams in your application?

TOC monitoring is one of the best tools and insights to maintain clean and compliant water streams at many different points in your process:
• Measuring TOC in influent water will provide you with insights on pretreatment procedures
• Measuring process water will allow you to control product quality and/or protect critical equipment
• Testing reuse streams will allow you to save money on water polishing costs
• Measuring effluent water will ensure you maintain compliance with local, state, and national regulations fast

Are you seeing your complete organics picture, or relying on intermittent data to identify changes in organics levels?
Lab analysis is a great tool for reporting what has already happened in a facility but by adding online analysis, issues can be caught 20x to 1000x faster than with lab techniques.
The more complete the picture, the more efficient the operation which saves plants on both operational and compliance related costs. Total Organic Carbon analysis delivers actionable insights to keep water quality levels high.

Where do you see improved organics level insight benefiting your facility?
Join leading manufactures who choose the Hach BioTector online TOC analyzer for their organics level management.

Maximum uptime and reliability for TOC analysis municipal and industrial process water applications
Using top quality design and engineering principles, only requiring scheduled maintenance every 6 months, allowing for dual stream monitoring, and having one of the most compact analyzer footprints, the Hach BioTector B3500 delivers 99.86% uptime in condensate applications with the lowest operating cost.

Worry-free TOC
With innovative two stage, advanced oxidation technology, the B3500e provides you with maximum reliability and uptime, without sacrificing accuracy for results that can be trusted day in and day out.

Low cost of ownership
At only pennies per analysis, the simple 2x per year maintenance and calibration is typically only needed twice a year which keeps the analyzer online and running instead of offline.

Small footprint = critical wall space savings
With one of the most compact analyzer footprints, this analyzer frees up wall space for other needed instruments.

One instrument for multiple streams
Providing the ability to monitor two streams sequentially, eliminates the double-cost of needing two separate analyzers.

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