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TOC Analyzers

TOC Analyzers
TOC or Total Organic Carbon detection is an important measurement because of the effects organic matter may have on the environment, human health, and manufacturing processes. Organic matter is present to varying degrees in all water systems and is defined as matter composed of organic (or carbon containing) compounds. Hach’s TOC Analyzers provide a highly sensitive, non-specific measurement that determines the level of organic carbon (and therefore the level of organic matter) in your water. The information from this TOC test allows you to ensure your water meets customer, regulator and/or process requirements.

In drinking water applications, Hach TOC instruments are used for both general organics monitoring and adherence to the EPA Stage 1 and 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rules as detailed below.

General Monitoring
Some types of organic material can contaminate water supplies, but organic material also affects:
- Drinking Water Color
- Drinking Water Odor
- Drinking Water Taste

Adherence to the EPA Stage 1 and 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rules
Water suppliers often add a disinfectant, such as chlorine, to protect drinking water from disease-causing organisms or pathogens. However, the disinfectants themselves can react with naturally-occurring organic materials in the water to form disinfection byproducts (DBPs) that may pose health risks. Testing your source water for TOC can minimize the possible formation of these disinfection byproducts (DBPs).

See how one Drinking Water Treatment Plant forecasts annual savings of $30,000 to $60,000 with the help of Hach’s Laboratory TOC Analyzer in the “Case Study: QbD1200 TOC Analyzer in DWTP Applications” document by clicking the link at the bottom of this page!

Organic contaminants can be introduced to industrial systems through contaminated source water, leaks, or via deliberate introduction as a form of chemical treatment. High levels of organic material can lead to corrosion and costly damage to expensive equipment. Using a TOC Analyser to measure feed water, boiler water and steam condensate you can monitor organic material levels and prevent costly damage to your equipment.

See why one Power Generation Facility chose to use Hach’s Laboratory TOC Analyser instead of sending their samples offsite to a contract laboratory in the “Case Study: QbD1200 TOC Analyzer in Steam Cycle Water Applications" document by clicking the link at the bottom of this page!

Water is a key ingredient used throughout pharma manufacturing processes, including injection, bulk water, sterile water and cleaning validation. In this application it is critical to limit the concentration of organic matter to protect product quality and the environment once the water is discharged. A TOC analyzer allows you to monitor water purity levels throughout your process as well as validate the cleaning methods you use to maintain your drug manufacturing equipment.

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