"The Basic" Culligan® Water Conditioning Demonstration Kit


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Manufactured By HACH Company exclusively for Culligan® Dealers, this kit tests for key water parameters and demonstrations.
The demonstrations highlight a soap consumption demonstration for a dramatic display of hardness, a softener to demonstrate the benefits of softened water, and, reagents and apparatus for measurement of hardness.
The kit comes with a sturdy Culligan® labeled carrying case with compartmentalized reagent cabinet to keep chemistries neat and well-organized.
Method / Chemistry: Titration. Test: Hardness. Range (mg/L): 1 - 30 gpg. Smallest Increment (mg/L): 1 drop = 1 gpg*. Approx. Number of Tests: 100.
Soap Demonstration: 1 drop = 1 gpg as CaCO3.
Deluxe Softener: Body of clear polycarbonate plastic; white elliptical base helps prevent upset while in use. Quick connect couplets prevent leakage of water.
All necessary apparatus for testing includes test apparatus and durable Culligan labeled hard plastic case with space for presentation notebook.
*1 gpg = 17.1 mg/L = 17.1ppm

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