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Test Kit Reference Guide  

Test Kits

Selecting a Hach test kit that meets your budget and testing needs is a snap. Hach offers single parameter kits with easy-to-use color comparators and comprehensive portable laboratories with advanced instrumentation — for fast, accurate results in the field or in the lab.

Hach test kits come with everything you need to start testing immediately, including all required apparatus and a full reagent set, all in a rugged Hach carrying case. Replacement reagent sets typically give you one of the lowest costs per test you'll find anywhere.

Balance Cost and Accuracy

Type of Kit Kit Price1 Measurement Accuracy2
Test Strips Very inexpensive Semi-quantitative
Color Disc Medium ± 10% or ± smallest increment
More expensive
± 1 drop (tests typically use 10-20 drops)
± 1% or ± 1 digit
Instrument-Based More expensive ± 2%

1 Based on cost of complete kit. Replacement reagents for all kits are usually inexpensive.
2 Accuracy will vary depending on specific kit, parameter tested, and range of measurement.

Test Strips  

5 in 1 Water Quality Test Strips

Choose Hach test strips for semi-quantitative process checks or spot tests—anywhere and any time you need them.

Color Disc Kits  

Color Disc

Color discs use a visual comparison method (color matching) to determine a finer resolution of concentration.

  • Simple, low-cost visual test kit method
  • Achieve fast and accurate results in the field or lab
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Digital Titrator Kits  

Digital Titrator Kits

Hach's Digital Titrator makes field titrations a practical reality. Results are comparable to buret titration, with none of the problems associated with glass burets.

  • Many procedures usable for EPA reporting
  • Self-store titrant cartridges reduce waste
  • Cartridges can be easily switched in field
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Drop-Count Titration Kits  

Drop-Count Titration

Drop count procedures provide a low-cost method for titrimetric determinations. Typical accuracy is ± 1 drop for titrations requiring up to 20 drops and ± 5% for titrations requiring over 20 drops.

Instrument-Based Kits  

Instrument-based Kits

Pocket Colorimeter™ II  kits provide the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. Pre-programmed for easy use, Hach's single-parameter field colorimeters provide years of reliable service.