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Submerged AV System, Wireless-Activated Verizon

Submerged AV System, Wireless-Activated Verizon
Product #: FL901AV.97.VX
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Reliable, Budget-Saving Monitoring

The FL900 Flow Logger provides users with a reliable, budget saving solution for open channel portable flow monitoring applications. The robust logger’s time-saving features will drastically decrease site time and increase safety for monitoring crews. The Logger LED provides instant communication verification of correct site set-up and flow meter communication prior to leaving the site.

Increase Monitoring Crew Safety

With the time saving features designed into the FL900 Flow Loggers, crews spend less time in the manhole and less time on site to decrease monitoring costs while increasing the safety of flow monitoring crews.

Improved Accuracy

The AV9000 Area Velocity Analyzer module is compensated for temperature, thus eliminating potential velocity errors of 2.7% over a 10ºC seasonal swing*. Its advanced multi-scale digital Doppler analysis provides the optimal combination of resolution and noise immunity. Mirror Image Processing eliminates sign errors and the advanced Target Set Processing reduces the impact of dominant targets (particles) in the stream to deliver a more representative velocity.

Easy Installation/Versatile Mounting Options

The logger can be quickly attached to a wall, pole or manhole ladder in minutes. Users can choose to hang logger from standard carabiner or optional 4-bolt wall mount for pole, horizontal or vertical wall mount or ladder rung mount.

The Power of Wireless

Eliminate risk by using wirelessly transmitted flow data to make smarter, real-time decisions regarding your collection system. With wireless-enabled models, you’ll receive alarms, via email or text, alerting you to any concerns at your monitoring sites. Plus, using FSDATA Online Data Manager, you’ll have secure 24/7 access to your flow data and wireless meter from the comfort of the internet. With FSDATA, site visits to collect flow data or to adjust meter settings are eliminated, decreasing maintenance costs. And you can set alarms and view sensor diagnostics remotely to maximize uptime. That’s the power of wireless.


Accuracy: Timebase Accuracy: ± 0.002 % , synhchronized every 24 hours with server software and modem
Alarm: Maximum of 16 channel alarms including high/high, high, low, low/low and system alarms including low battery, low RTC battery, low slate memory, slate memory full, sensor timeout, sensor ID error
Alarm Actions: Send an e-mail, or send text message (SMS) (requires wireless logger and active wireless service), trigger sampler, change logging interval, change call interval
Battery Life: Varies with sensor type, logging intervals, telemetry and environment.
Certifications: Logger: CE; optional AC power supply: UL/CSA/CE
Communication: USB RS232 (Baud rates: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200)
Communication (optional): Remote Communications (optional): Wireless modem: 3G & 4G LTE
Connector: 1 Stainless steel connectors
Datalog Channels: 16 maximum
Data Storage: Datalog: 325,000 sensor measurement data points; 1128 days for 3 channels at 15-minute log intervals
Event Log: 1,000 events maximum in non-volatile flash memory
Sample History: 2,000 sample events maximum in non-volatile flash memory
Environmental Rating: NEMA 6P (IP68)
Interface: Hach AS950 Automatic Sampler
All Hach legacy samplers
Non-Hach samplers capable of being triggered by 5 V dc pulse lasting 50 milliseconds
Internet Application Software: FSDATA web-based software for flowmeter programming, data management and report generation for wireless flow meters
LED Status Indicator: • Green Flashes every 3 sec during normal operation. Flashes every 15 sec during sleep mode.
• Red Flashes when attached sensor does not agree with the logger program, when an expected sensor is not found or the sensor is not working properly.
Logging Intervals: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes
Primary and secondary intervals for dynamic logging.
Modem: Wireless- Activated Verizon
Operating Temperature Range: -18 to 60ºC (0 to 140ºF) at 95% RH
PC Data Transfer Software: FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager software required for programmig logger. Can be used for data management and report generation. It is compatible with desktop/lap top computers utilizing Windows operating system. Minimum resolution: 1024x768.
Power Requirements (Voltage): 8 - 18 V DC
Protocol: Local Modbus RTU
Special Remarks: When paired with a Hach sampler, successful or failed sample, as well as bottle number, are stored in sample history. Sample history can be included in reports generated by FSDATA.
Standard storage temperature: -40 to 60ºC (-40 to 140ºF)
Supported Sensors: FLO-TOTE 3, FLO-DAR, FLO-DAR with Surcharge Velocity Sensor (SVS), Submerged Area Velocity Sensor (requires AV9000 Analyzer Module), Rain Gauge, Sigma 950 Flow Meter (requires IM9001), US9001, US9002
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: Using Model FL900:
4.5 kg (10 lb)—no batteries;
6.3 kg (14 lb)—2 batteries;
8.2 kg (18 lb)—4 batteries