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Stirrer, Magnetic, Battery-Powered

Stirrer, Magnetic, Battery-Powered
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Portable and compact

Ideal for field use where electricity is not available.

Easy to use

Operates on 1 or 2 "D" batteries; 2 batteries will provide approximately 16 days of continuous operation

Adjustable speed control

Speed control knob with separate on/off switch allows the stirrer to operate up to 900RPM.


Made with chemical-resistant polypropylene.


Mix up to 1L of liquids

What's in the box?

Includes: Magnetic stirrer and instruction sheet.


Dimensions (H x W x D): 89 mm x 127 mm x 235 mm
Electrical Specifications: 1 "D" Battery; 2 "D" Batteries will provide approximately 16 days of continuous operation.
Length: 235 mm
Quantity: 1 each
Type: Stirrer