Water Information Management Solutions™

Success Stories

What do United Water and many leading Water and Wastewater facilities have in common?
They rely on Hach WIMS™ to optimize their operations.

"Hach WIMS™ is central to everything that the LEWWTP does. Each system that the LEWWTP has provides data into Hach WIMS™. It is essential to our process decisions."
- Brenna Durkin, Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant DBA Specialist.

"The biggest advantage in our implementation of Hach WIMS™ is the automation of our reports. Reports that typically would take weeks at a time to prepare, now only take us a matter of a few hours. Additionally Hach WIMS™ fills a much needed gap. Our Operations Department now has access to data that allows them to make adjustments within their operational parameters in hours – instead of days."
- Peter Chang, System Engineer III, King County, WA.

"We love this software. I have the time to give this reference because I have the software!"
- James Grandstaff, Division Director, Henrio County Water Reclamation Facility, VA

"The Hach WIMS™ product has been instrumental in the collection of relevant data. Its data capture and reporting capabilities have provided us a comprehensive analysis of our wetlands pilot project.
- Stephanie Eisner, Natural Reclamation System Project Coordinator, City of Salem, WA

"Hach WIMS™ has fostered analysis beyond regulatory data. Information on pumping stations, energy usage, material usage, and cost analysis are just a few of the trends performed to enhance ‘optimization.’ The new question is not ‘Can we analyze the data?’ but ‘Which data do you want to analyze?"
- Gwinnett County, GA

Case Studies