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Imagine saying goodbye to reams of paper. Cut down the time it takes to create business and regulatory reports from hours to just the click of the button! Quickly create graphs for visual communication.  Hach WIMS™ can generate your reports and graphs to get information you need automatically!

  • Easily generate your electronic reports (netDMR, eDMR)
  • Preprogrammed templates and wizards easily create reliable reports, charts, graphs and dashboards that can be tailored to specific users
  • Utilize EPA and state report templates to create paper and electronic reports: SWTR, DBR, NPDES, DMR, eDMR, MOR, SDWA, CCR, industrial pretreatment compliance, and more
  • Schedule automatic report and graphic output to the screen, printer or by email
  • Generate reports in a variety of ways:
    • Configure standard reports and graphs with a few keystrokes
    • Develop ad-hoc reports and graphs in minutes
    • Use built-in reports to easily create a quick report to display raw or summarized data
  • Save valuable time by generating accurate reports and graphs with WIMS, routinely look at information, and gain valuable insights into your operations

Isn’t Excel Good Enough?

For more detailed information on applications, system requirements or data sheets, visit www.Hach.com/im

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