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Manage Complex Calculations

You Don't Need to Be a Statistician

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You don’t need to be a statistician to analyze your data. Hach WIMS™ quickly and accurately performs complex water and wastewater industry calculations for process and lab with the click of a button.  No more spreadsheets for your weekly averages or writing complex macros to handle data qualifiers.

Error free and worry free

Calculations must be done accurately and consistently in order to do regulatory reporting, troubleshoot system upsets, analyze cost overruns, check compliance issues, identify opportunities for cost reduction, and much more.

Hach WIMS™ built-in equations provide consistent results based on EPA requirements while compliance and verification engines ensure accuracy.

You can also easily add your own formulas, or use our built-in tools to organize and calculate data, that can roll up into easy to understand reports.

Types of applications

  • Lab quality assurance calculations (RPD, percent recoveries, outlier detection, etc)
  • Process calculations (CT, loadings, F/M, SRT, MCRT, LSI, etc)
  • Regulatory calculations (Geometric mean, SWTR, weekly/monthly averages, etc)
Complex calculations

Isn’t Excel Good Enough?

For more detailed information on applications, system requirements or data sheets, visit www.Hach.com/im

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