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Easy to Own

Making Hach WIMS a reality in your facility is cost effective:

Grow your solution with your needs:

  • Customize the software to your operation! A  low cost way to start is  with a basic package and add features over time as your needs grow.
  • You can start with our built-in 10GB database, a single user and facility to keep costs low.  Add users and facilities  when needed. Migrate your solution to a MS SQL server  or Oracle database for larger operations.
  • Make data entry faster and  more accurate with automated interfaces for SCADA and LIMS. Interfaces to other 3rd party systems such as USGS and weather  information are also available. 
  • Add portable solutions to capture data in the field.

Many plants like these option because they can capitalize the initial cost of ownership and add  to the software over time.

Web-based Subscription Service:

Hach WIMS™ Online is a web-based subscription service. Get the full functionality of the software with secure access to your data from anywhere with internet access. Pay only for the amount of space you consume with low monthly payments for a fully featured solution.

Easy to Own
Easy to Own

For more detailed information on applications, system requirements or data sheets, visit www.Hach.com/im

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