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Isn't Excel Good Enough?

Some things to consider

Isnt excel good enough
  • How many times must the data be touched / recopied before it is finally entered into my spreadsheet or report?
  • How many people need to contribute to get all the data you need for your regulatory and business reports?
  • How long does it take you to pull all this together?
  • How confident are you that the data is accurate?
  • Are you calculations always correct / accurate / consistent? Are data qualifiers accurately handled?
  • How do you back up and secure your data?
  • Where is the historical data stored and can it be easily accessed?

Some common concerns

  • Where did this number come from? Did it get changed or is this the actual result?
  • What happened to the formula in my spreadsheet?
  • Who changed my number?
  • Why is this number different in this report
  • Am I liable for errors in the regulatory report?
  • How do I compare data from multiple spreadsheets?
  • How cam I be sure that this is the most accurate information?
  • What happens to the spreadsheet when my permit levels change?

Isn't Excel Good Enough?
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