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Sonatax sc Sludge Level and Sludge Height Probe with Wiper, Stainless Steel

Product #: LXV431.99.00002
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Ultrasonic probe for measurement of sludge level and sludge height in the waste and drinking water sector

The Sonatax sc is a digital process probe for the continuous determination of the sludge level or the sludge height in sedimentation tanks, vessels and reactors. The sludge level or sludge height is calculated without contact between the probe and the sludge based on the propagation time of the ultrasonic echo. An efficient automatic wiper cleaning system keeps the ultrasonic head clean. The Sonatax sc is factory calibrated for long-term calibration stability. A simple correction allows adjustment to local conditions. In addition, the probes are compatible for Hach SC200 and SC1000 controller platform.
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  • Reduced Maintenance with innovative automatic wiper system
  • High accuracy with automatic frequency adjustments
  • Contactless measurement
  • Temperature compensation for seasonal changes
  • Visual performance indicator enhances troubleshooting