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SOLITAX sc Filter Backwash Turbidity Sensor Package

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This package is for filter backwash applications at drinking water facilities. It includes a SOLITAX ts-line turbidity sensor and mounting hardware kit. The sc200 digital controller must be ordered separately. The Solitax sc sensor measures real-time NTU values during the filter backwash process with a probe range of 0.001 to 4000 NTU. The mounting kit for the filter back wash application is designed to allow for probe placement directly in the filter trough or near the top of the bed for optimal measurement. The new hardware includes a handrail mount and quick release pole connections for an easy 30 minute installation. Please download the mounting instructions for more details. The Sensor connects directly to all Hach sc controllers for immediate use.

PROGNOSYS is now available to provide confidence in your instrument readings. PROGNOSYS will monitor and display the reliability of instrument measurement values and identify when upcoming maintenance tasks are due in an easy-to-read color display.

  • Optimize Filter Backwash Processes
  • Easy One-point Calibration
  • Self-cleaning Wiper Prevents Erroneous Values
  • Improve overall efficiency of the plant