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SOLITAX sc Filter Backwash Turbidity Sensor Package

SOLITAX sc Filter Backwash Turbidity Sensor Package
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Optimize Filter Backwash Processes

Using a Hach SOLITAX sc TS-line Turbidity Sensor to monitor filter backwash provides consistency in the wash process based on a real time turbidity measurement rather than on the subjective eye of an operator. The mounting kit allows the probe to be placed directly in the filter trough or near the top of the bed for optimal measurement.

Easy One-point Calibration

All SOLITAX sc probes are factory calibrated in conformity with DIN EN ISO 7027 for long-term calibration stability. Calibration is not necessary. If the probe is used to measure the solids content, a one-point calibration suffices. Multipoint calibration is available for nonlinear samples.

Self-cleaning Wiper Prevents Erroneous Values

The SOLITAX sc sensor's self-cleaning wiper prevents erroneous values and maintenance problems by preventing biological growth. Gas bubbles in the sample do not interfere with the measurement.

Improve overall efficiency of the plant

Any two SOLITAX sc sensors can be installed using one HACH sc200 Controller. Helps improve filter backwash process, process control and reduce treatment costs.

What's in the box?

Solitax ts-Line Turbidity Sensor, User Manual, Backwash Filter Mounting Kit


Accuracy: Turbidity up to 1000 NTU:
without calibration < 5% of the measured value ±0.01 NTU
with calibration < 1% of the measured value ±0.01 NTU
Automatic Wiper: Yes
Cable Length: 10 m (optional extension cables available)
Calibration Method: Turbidity: Formazin or STABLCAL Standard (at 800 NTU).
Suspended Solids: Sample specific, based on gravimetric TSS analysis with a correction factor procedure.
Certifications: CE
Controller: Sensor only
Diameter Sensor: 60 mm
Flow: Max. 3 m/s (the presence of air bubbles affects the measurement)
Length: 200 mm
Maintenance Interval: 1 h/month
Material: Optics Carrier and Sleeve: stainless steel 1.4571; Wiper Arm: stainless steel 1.4581; Wiper Rubber: silicone rubber (standard) Optional: Viton (LZX578); Wiper Shaft: stainless steel 1.4571
Max. cable length Sensor-to-Controller: 100 m
Measuring Principle: Infrared Duo scattered light technique for color-independent turbidity measurement Turbidity in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7027 / TS equivalent DIN 38414
Measuring Range TSS: 0.001 mg/L - 50 g/L
Measuring Range Turbidity: 0.001 - 4000 NTU
Model: Solitax ts-line sc
Mounting: Immersion Immersion
Operating Temperature Range: 0 - 40 °C
Parameter: Suspended Solids, Turbidity
Pressure Range: < 6 bar
Repeatability: < 3 %
Repeatability Turbidity: < 1 %
Response Time T90: 1 - 300 s adjustable
Weight Sensor: 1.8 kg