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SOLITAX sc Filter Backwash Sensor Mounting Kit

SOLITAX sc Filter Backwash Sensor Mounting Kit
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Filter Backwash Monitoring

For total optimization in the drinking water plant a key process is filter backwash. Excessive backwash can eventually lead to loss of filter media and over time, degrade filter performance. The process is typically monitored visually or on the basis of a preset time. Visual monitoring may be consistent but often results in the use of too much or too little water. Variation in subjective operator monitoring can lead to fluctuations in water quality.

Optimize Filter Backwash Processes

Using a Hach SOLITAX sc TS-line Turbidity Sensor to monitor filter backwash provides consistency in the wash process based on a real time turbidity measurement rather than on the subjective eye of an operator. The mounting kit allows the probe to be placed directly in the filter trough or near the top of the bed for optimal measurement.

Easy Installation

The mounting kit includes a handrail mount and quick release pole connections for easy 30 minute installation


Dimensions: Height: Pipe stand 508 mm (20 in.)
Dimensions: Width: Plate width (6 in.)
Length: 3.6 m