The Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer™ (PPA)
Hach PPA SL1000
The Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer™ (PPA)
The Hach SL1000
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SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer
Chloramination testing can be done 75% faster. Perform up to five colorimetric and two probe-based measurements simultaneously with the Hach SL1000.**
Hach PPA offers portable, faster and more consistent water testing. Click here to see the same water analysis completed in a fraction of the time.

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Portable Parallel Analyser Analyzer PPA SL1000The Hach SL1000
A Better Way to Test
See the Difference for Yourself.

View the Hach Real-Time Test Challenge, and see what happens when the old way and the new way face off instrument-to-instrument in a real test situation. Is it time for "out with the old, in with the new?" You be the judge.
Learn how a Hach customer benefited from SL1000 PPA.
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SL1000 saves time by performing multiple simultaneous colorimetric tests. Perform four tests at once using Chemkey reagents
Perform up to two probe based tests simultaneously.

Parameters tested

Colorimetric tests

Up to five tested simultaneously, using Chemkey Reagents**

Portable Parallel Analyser PPA SL1000 chemkeys

Probe-based measurements

Up to two tested simultaneously, using Hach IntelliCAL™ probes

Portable Parallel Analyser PPA SL1000 parameters

*EPA approved for Free and Total Chlorine. Hach Company Method 10260. EPA approved for Copper. Hach Company Method 10272. USEPA approved for determination of free and total chlorine and copper in drinking water.

**Using the combined Free and Total Ammonia Chemkey

***Using the Conductivity Probe

****Read two separate results on one Chemkey

Handheld water testing that is faster and highly accurate

3 Steps to Faster, Highly Accurate Water Testing.

1. Insert Chemkey™ reagents

2. Dip into water sample

3. Read Your Results

No zeroing, no mixing, no shaking, no chemicals or vials to handle.

Chemkey™ reagents: trusted chemistries in an improved package

Chemkey reagents execute the same process steps that you have trusted for decades — now delivered in a simple, self-contained package.

Texas Customers: Do you need help implementing the Nitrification Action Plan (NAP) by Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ)? Use SL1000 PPA to test for NAP.

Portable Parallel Analyser PPA SL1000 chemkeys
SL1000 PPA Chemkey