SIRR Delivery Program

Recurring Chemistry Orders

Do you want to order your lab reagents once, then simply receive them when you need them? The Hach Scheduled Inventory Reagent Replacement (SIRR) program allows you to set up a recurring order with your lab reagents, so you always have what you need without having to order at the last minute.

Benefits of the SIRR program include:

Reduced inventory and fresh reagents –

Scheduled shipments means you don't have stacks of extra inventory just sitting on your shelves.  It also means that you receive the most recent chemistry lots, reducing the possibility of reagents expiring on the shelf.

Locked in reagent prices for the year -

When you order reagents on a SIRR plan, all pricing is locked in for the year.  All items on the plan are exempt from price increases.

Less paperwork -

Set it and forget it.  That means less paperwork, too.  Rather than processing paperwork for individual orders throughout the year, you'll only have to deal with it once when you set up the SIRR plan.

Peace of mind with automatic shipments -

Have you ever run out of reagents?  Or had to order them at the last minute and pay for expedited shipping?  With the SIRR plan, you'll be able to relax knowing that you'll receive your shipments right when you need them.  Need to adjust your order?  No problem.

How it works:

If you live in the United States and can forecast your reagent supply requirements for a year, you can sign up for Hach's SIRR Delivery Program.

Simply schedule four or more shipments within a year's time.

  1. Select the reagents and consumables you will want regularly shipped and add them to your Order/Quote.
  2. Within the "View Order/Quote" page, select the "Create Schedule" button and follow the directions. Note that you will need to specify a minimum of four shipments for each item, as well as a start date for your first shipment and an end date that falls within a year from the start date.
  3. Sit back and relax. You'll receive your reagent shipments when you need them! 
Different types of reagents

Want help estimating your reagent consumption? Or setting up a SIRR plan?

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