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SINGLET™ Single-Use pH Buffer, pH 10.01, pk/20

SINGLET™ Single-Use pH Buffer, pH 10.01, pk/20
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Ideal for on-site analyses

Sealed pouches are easy to transport - no risk of spillage.

Easy to Use

Just open the pouch and insert the electrode.

Fresh and reliable

Foil pouches prevent contamination and air exposure.

Design for use with Hach meters portfolio and other meters.

The basis for accurate pH measurements is good care and calibration of the pH Electrode.


Color coded?: Yes
Description : pH Buffer Calibration reagent
NIST Traceable: Yes
Package Type: Singlet
pH Value(s): 10.01 ±0.02 pH at 25°C
Quantity: 20 pcs
Shelf Life: 12 months
Special Remarks: Discard solution after use
Storage Conditions: 10 - 25 °C (protect from light)