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Sension+ pH gel electrode with ceramic diaphragm (general use)

Sension+ pH gel electrode with ceramic diaphragm (general use)
Product #: LZW5050T.97.002
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Low cost, low maintenance 3-in-1 design for a variety of applications.

Non-refillable gel reference and ceramic pin junction with an integrated Pt1000 temperature sensor provides stable results without concerns for repeated maintenance

Ultra portable but protected against harsh field conditions

A robust pH glass formulation with a resilient polycarbonate body, heavy-duty handle, and durable MP5 connector ensures protected, repeatable performance in the field

Heavy-duty electrode handle design optimized for field calibration and storage

Hach’s Sension+ portable electrodes’ calibration and storage tubes screw directly onto the portable electrodes’ heavy-duty handle. This design is ideal for field calibration and transport as it provides a secure interface between the electrode and calibration/storage tube as well as reducing the risk of contamination in field conditions.

What's in the box?

Includes: Sension+ 5050T portable combination pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor and Basic User Manual.


Accuracy: 0.02 pH with pH1 Meter
Cable Length: 1 m
Connector: Sension+ MP5
Dimensions (D x L): 12 mm x 85 mm
Filling Solution: Non-refillable gel
Junction: Ceramic pin
Length: 85 mm
Material: Sensor Body: Polycarbonate
Parameter: pH
Probe Type: Portable
Range: 0 - 14 pH
Sensor Type: Glass
Temperature Range: 0 - 80 °C
Thermistor: Pt1000
Type: Portable