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Sension+ Meters and Probes

Sension+ Meters and Probes
Need to ensure consitent quality of your food or beverage products? Searching for a cost effective all-in-one pH meter testing package you can rely on every day? Facing needs for testing frequently and quickly multiple parameters?

If you are looking for an all-in-one quality meter for Food & Beverages samples, whether it is a pH meter, a Conductivity meter or a multi-parameters meter; the Sension+® offers a cost effective complete package option to begin testing quickly pH, ORP, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO), as well as a bundle of Ions by ISE such as Sodium, Calcium, Fluoride, Nitrate and Ammonium.

• The Sension+ offers easy to read guided menu navigation that makes electrochemistry testing accurate, repeatable, fast and simple to any operators in your plant.

• The Sension+ is available in both benchtop and portable versions with a comprehensive choice of electrodes for laboratory and field applications.

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Sension+ Portable Meters

Rugged portable meters for use in the field and plant.

Sension+ Laboratory Meters

Durable laboratory meters for laboratory use.

Sension+ Probes

Laboratory and field probes for use with Sension+ meters.