sensION+ 9662 Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) – sensor only

Product #: LZW9662.97.0002
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sensION+ 9662 is a half-cell (reference not integrated) nitrate ion selective electrode (ISE) with an epoxy body and non-replaceable, solid-state PVC (polymer) membrane selective to nitrate ions in solution. It is recommended for use with the sensION+ 5044 reference electrode. The 9662 has a fixed 1 meter cable and BNC connector for laboratory use with the Hach sensION+ MM374 Multimeter. The 9662 is ideal for measuring nitrate concentrations in drinking water, wastewater and general water quality applications.

  • Utilizes a unique solid-state sensor technology that eliminates costly membrane replacements
  • Requires virtually no maintenance
  • Provides fast, stable, and accurate response in a variety of sample types