sensION+ 9655C Fluoride ISE Analysis Package

Product #: LZW9655AP.97.02
USD Price: $775.00

The sensION+ Fluoride ISE Analysis Package contains the sensION+ 9655C Fluoride ISE (LZW9655C.97.002), 100 pack of fluoride ISA powder pillows (258999), 500 mL of 0.5 mg/L fluoride standard solution (40505), 500 mL of 1.0 mg/L fluoride standard solution (29149), and 500 mL of 2.0 mg/L fluoride standard solution (40520).

The SensION+ 9655C is a combination fluoride ion selective electrode (ISE) with an epoxy body, non-refillable, single-junction reference, and non-replaceable crystalline membrane selective to fluoride ions in solution. The 9655C has a BNC connector for laboratory use with the Hach sensION+ MM340 GLP pH/ISE Laboratory Meter or the sensION+ MM374 Laboratory Multimeter. The 9655C is ideal for measuring fluoride concentrations in drinking water, wastewater and general water quality laboratory applications.

  • Requires virtually no maintenance
  • Provides fast, stable, and accurate response in a variety of sample types