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Sension+ 5130 Portable Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Product #: LZW5130.97.0002
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Sension+ 5130 is a polarographic dissolved oxygen (DO) probe with a durable plastic body, replaceable oxygen-permeable membrane, refillable reference electrolyte, and built-in temperature sensor. The 5130 has a fixed 1 meter cable and MP5 connector dedicated for use with Hach Sension+ Portable Dissolved Oxygen DO6 meters.

The 5130 is ideal for dissolved oxygen measurement in general aqueous applications – particularly in a field environment.

Note: Sension+ 5130 DO Probe is compatible with versions of the Sension+ DO6 meter produced since January 2013. To ensure compatibility with your Sension+ DO6 meter, please contact Hach Support for assistance.

  • Ultra portable but protected against harsh field conditions
  • Heavy-duty electrode handle design optimized for field calibration and storage

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