sc200 Universal Controller Products

Choose from Hach's Broad Range of Digital and Analog Sensors

Build Your Own sc200 Controller to work with any sc200 Sensor!

Parameter Sensor Digital/Analog
Ammonia AMTAX™ sc | NH4D sc
Chlorine CLF10 sc | CLT10 sc | 9184sc
Chlorine Dioxide 9187sc
Conductivity 3400 | 3700
Dissolved Oxygen LDO® | 5740 sc
Flow U53 | F53
Nitrate NITRATAX™ sc | NO3D sc
Oil in Water FP 360 sc
Organics UVAS sc
Ozone 9185sc
pH/ORP pH/ORP Digital
pH/ORP Analog | pH Combination | LCP
Phosphate PHOSPHAX™ sc
Sludge Level SONATAX sc
Suspended Solids SOLITAX® sc | TSS sc
Turbidity 1720E | FT660 sc | SS7 sc | ULTRATURB sc | SOLITAX sc


= Digital
= Analog



The diagrams below demonstrate the versatility and flexibility for the base controller units. Connect any of the appropriate sensors listed above to meet your measurement needs. Operation of analog sensors require the controller to be equipped with the appropriate sensor card. Use our product configurator to Build Your Own sc200 to suit your measurement needs. 


2 Channel Digital
Controller Configurations


2 Channel Controller with 1 Analog &
1 Digital Sensor Input Configurations


2 Channel Analog
Controller Configurations