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American Sigma — A Hach Company Legacy Brand

Convenient, Comprehensive Flow and Sampling Solutions

Hach's legacy brand American Sigma has been providing innovative and award-winning open channel flow measurement, sampling, and data management software products for decades. No matter the challenge, we present you with the most convenient, comprehensive water and wastewater monitoring solutions the market has to offer.

With a strong focus on customer service, Hach Sigma brings you products and services that consistently deliver accurate data with low hassle, saving you both time and expense. With meters and samplers designed for the simplest conditions to the most challenging circumstances, you are guaranteed to find a solution for every flow and sampling situation.

The sampler portfolio includes the SD900 controller, and the advanced 900MAX, all found on Portable, refrigerated, and all-weather refrigerated bases are available and come with a variety of bottle configurations. To help find the sampler for you, please use the Sigma Sampler Guide

As for our flow products, we have come a long way from our tried and true "blind" Sigma 900 series meters. Getting accurate, timely data is now an option with remote communication options and web-enabled flow meters. And through our Data Delivery Service, unedited sewer flow data can be presented directly to you via a web browser without the need for meter purchase or maintenance.

Our commitment to creating cutting-edge, reliable flow monitoring products and technologies, along with a powerful network of unrivaled sales and support professionals, is what pushes Hach's Sigma product line above and beyond the industry standards.

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