RTC101 P-Module Real-Time Phosphorus Control Solution

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The P-RTC system ensures phosphate compliance, reducing precipitant and sludge disposal costs by optimizing precipitant dosage levels.

Adjusting chemical dose based on flow — or setting a fixed chemical dose — can be very expensive. With a system that provides Real-Time Control, you can significantly lower chemical costs, quickly adjust for loading changes, and enjoy the peace-of-mind in knowing your effluent phosphorus levels are within permit range.

The RTC101 P-Module is a real-time controller designed to optimize chemical phosphate removal at wastewater treatment plants. Based on the current phosphate load, the RTC101 P-Module automatically calculates the minimum amount of chemical needed to reliably meet the required effluent values. This product also includes PROGNOSYS technology which will monitor and display the reliability of instrument measurement values and identify when upcoming maintenance tasks are due in an easy-to-read color display.

In addition, the reduced chemical dose also lowers the amount of sludge produced, saving money on sludge dewatering and disposal costs.

  • System Optimization Through Continuous Measurement
  • Dose Only What’s Needed
  • An Off-the-Shelf System
  • When We Say Service, We Mean Service!

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