Reagentless Water Distribution Monitoring Panel sc

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The same trusted Water Distribution Monitoring Panel (WDMP sc) but now in a reagentless form. The CL10 chlorine analyzer for free or total chlorine replaces the CL17 chlorine analyzer, thereby eliminating the need for reagents. This multiparameter on-line panel assists in identifying potential problems that pose risks to public health when they occur in a distribution system. Besides chlorine, the panel features instrumentation for the analysis of turbidity, pH, conductivity, pressure and temperature. Sensor manifold holding conductivity and pH probes can also accomodate an additional probe such as ORP or dissolved oxygen.

  • Helps detect and identify the presence of contaminants or operational failures
  • Reliable, easy to maintain, panel is ideal for Establishing Your Distribution System’s Baseline and interfaces with the Hach Event Monitor for simplified event detection
  • New, improved design is smaller and lighter, with a shelf that makes calibrations more convenient and comfortable for staff
  • Reagentless panel allows for installation in locations where sanitary drain is not available.