Radiometer Analytical CDC565 Conductivity Cell (4-pole Pt sensor, k = 1.0 cm-1, epoxy body)

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The Radiometer CDC565 is a 4-pole conductivity cell with non-platinized, platinum sensor (k = 1.0 cm-1) and a robust epoxy body. The CDC565 sensor's 4 platinum ring design ensures results in general aqueous and non-aqueous media over several decades of conductivity with a single cell, using just one calibration. The epoxy body of the probe can be easily removed for rinsing, which makes the cell ideal for measurements in harsh conditions. Additionally, the CDC565 meets requirements of USP 24-NF19. The CDC565 has a fixed cable with MAB6 plug for use with Radiometer Analytical CDM210/230/92 conductivity meters.

  • The right conductivity cell for your application.
  • The right conductivity cell for your application.