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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
Case Study: SOLITAX Sensors, LDO Probes; Accurate On-Line DO and TSS Monitoring Helps Optimize Petrochem Effluent Treatment
  English US 577 KB 2015-04 Apr15
Advanced On-Line Instrumentation Helps DAF Systems Lower Costs
  English US 391 KB 2013-03 Ed 2
Monitoring Suspended Solids/Turbidity in Liquid Processing Stages of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Application Note AN-SS1
  English US 113 KB 2004-04 Ed1

Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
TSS sc Suspended Solids Probes
  English US 769 KB 2019-03 Mar19
Mounting Hardware Catalog per Parameter
  English UK 3 MB 2018-10 Oct18 Ed3
Industry Guide: Where, Why, What and How to Analyse
  English US 259 KB 2016-03 Feb16

Engineering/Tender Documents Type Language Size Date Edition
TSS sc CSI Specification doc
MS Word Doc
  English US 42 KB 2016-09
LZY630.00.1x000_TSS sc inline.pdf
PDF Document
  English UK 112 KB 2014-09
LZY630.00.1x000_TSS sc
Download .ZIP file and extract to your computer.
File contains transmittals in format: .dwg, .dxf, .igs, .step
  English UK 6 MB 2014-09

Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
TSS sc Suspended Solids Sensors User Manual for TSS sc, TSS W sc, TSS HT sc, TSS Vari sc, TSS XL sc, TSS Titanium2 sc, and TSS Titanium7 sc
  English US 818 KB 2018-09 Sep18 Ed3
TSS sc Ball Valve Mounting Instruction Sheet for LZU300 and LZU302-Illustrated, 25 Languages
  English US 2 MB 2013-12 Ed 5A
User Manual: TSS EX1 Turbidity and Solid Matter Sensors
  English US 413 KB 2017-07 Ed 7

Software/Firmware Type Language Size Date Edition
TSS sc Software Update
Extract file to your PC. Carefully read instructions: sc sw upload instruction.pdf
  English US 107 KB 2018-11 Version 41.73
SC1000 Certified Multi-Sensor-DTM Software Package
Zip file
  English US 11 MB 2014-04 Version 1

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