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Pump, Vacuum, Hand-Operated with Vacuum Gauge

Product #: 2094100
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Pump attains and holds a vacuum of 63.5 cm (25") Hg. Equipped with gauge to monitor vacuum in both centimeters and inches Hg. Pumping rate, 15 cc (0.50 oz) per stroke. Fitted with valve to release vacuum without disconnecting pump from line. Entire unit weighs less than 0.25 kg (0.55 lb) and is sealed, self-lubricating and, corrosion-resistant. Gives 149 kPa (7 psig) positive pressure at outlet port. Nozzle fits standard 6 mm (1/4") I.D. tubing. Supplied with 61 cm (2') length of 6-mm I.D. clear plastic tubing. Unit has removable safety cover on exhaust port. Made of polyvinyl chloride. Nalge.

  • Sealed, self-lubricating and, corrosion-resistant
  • Removable safety cover on exhaust port