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Eliminate last minute maintenance emergencies.

Prognosys™ Predictive Diagnostics is part of Claros™ Instrument Management. Prognosys is an intuitive system that helps you to be proactive with your maintenance, by alerting you to upcoming instrument issues and guiding you on whether the changes in your measurements are due to your instrument or your water.

The Prognosys system runs on the SC1000 controller and on the Mobile Sensor Management (MSM), diplaying two status indicators for every connected Prognosys ready instrument. These indicators give you all the information you need to plan your preventive maintenance and avoid unexpected emergencies. The measurement indicator monitors the instrument's components and uses that information to alert the user to upcoming instrument's needs before measurements become questionable. The service indicator tracks the number of days until the instrument will require maintenance.

  • Confidence in your measurements
  • Visibility of upcoming maintenance
  • Immediate awareness of instrument condition