Orbisphere A1100 Oxygen (O₂) EC sensor with plastic collar (40 bar)

Product #: A1100-S00
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Simply accurate

The A1100 Oxygen sensor is designed for process monitoring as well as laboratory analysis in the liquid or gas phases across a wide range of applications where oxygen measurement is critical.

With its large measuring possibilities, this sensor can be used in beer or soft drinks production, in chip manufacturing plants for rinsing of semiconductor wafers and in reactor coolant systems within nuclear power plants.

A small residual signal with unrivalled accuracy (±0.1 ppb) is made possible by the exclusive sensor design. The very fast response time is achieved through a unique membrane installation and is improved through the use of an auxiliary guard ring electrode to shield against the infl uence of other gases and improve stability.

  • Fast detection of process change
  • Sensor refurbishment in three minutes with prefilled recharge cartridge
  • Unique Design
  • ATEX Certified
  • Rugged and Resistant

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