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PRO Series Transmitter, Dissolved Oxygen

PRO Series Transmitter, Dissolved Oxygen
Product #: PRO-D3A1N
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Menu-guided Operation

The simple keypad and logical menu structure make this analyzer easy to use. Menu screens guide you through setup, calibration, operation, and test/maintenance functions.

Isolated 0/4 - 20 mA Analog Output

The isolated analog output can be set to 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA, and assigned to represent the measured parameter or temperature. During calibration, the output is automatically held at the last measured value and, upon completion, returned to its active state.

Multiple Language Capability

All screens can be selected for display in English, French, German, or Spanish.

Passcode-protected Access

For security, use the passcode capability to restrict access to configuration settings and calibration to authorized personnel only.

Versatile Hookup Capability

PRO-series transmitters can be wired in a two, three, or four-wire hookup arrangement to meet your application requirement.

What's in the box?

Controller, User Manual


Communication: 4-20 mA Output
Dimensions: Width: with back cover
Display: 2-line by 16 character backlit LCD
Load: Maximum permissible load dependent on power supply voltage, transmitter hookup arrangement, and wire resistance
Material: Enclosure: Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature Range: -20 - 60 °C at 0 - 95% RH (non-condensing)
Parameter: Dissolved Oxygen
Power Requirements (Voltage): 12 - 30 V DC
Relative Humidity: 0 - 95 % non-condensing
Repeatability: ± 0.05 % of span, at 25 °C
Response Time T90: 60 s
Storage Conditions: -30 to 70 °C 0-95% Relative humidity, non-condensing
Temperature Compensation: -10 - 110 °C
Automatic with selection for NTC 300 Ω, Pt1000 or Pt100 or manually fixed at a user-entered temperature; additional selectable temperature correction factors (ammonia, morpholine or user-set pH/°C linear slope)
Temperature Drift: 0.02 % of span per °C (zero and span), at 25 °C
Weight: 0.280 kg