Portable Parallel Analyzers (PPA)

Portable Parallel Analyzers (PPA)
Water Quality Testing. Dramatically Streamlined.

Portable Parallel Analyzers (PPA) from Hach allow you to perform colorimetric and probe-based measurements simultaneously, saving time, reducing variability and with less hassle than the traditional process. By using Chemkey™ reagents which contain the proven Hach chemistry you know, you can be confident in your measurement every time.

New parameters:
We have launched the following new parameters: Extended range for Total Chlorine (now test up to 10 mg/L), Combined Free and Total Ammonia (free up a port by using one Chemkey to get two different results)*, High Range Hardness (90 - 750 mg/L CaCO3).
Also, the Intellical ORP probe is now compatible with SL1000.

*Only available as combination package with Monochloramine Chemkeys

To learn more about chloramination please visit: https://www.hach.com/chloramination

View the Hach Real-time Test Challenge, and see what happens when the old way and the new way face off instrument-to-instrument in a real test situation. Is it time for "out with the old, in with the new?" You be the judge.

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