Polymetron 9123 pH Calculator Analyzer with 2x 4-20mA Output


Polymetron 9123 pH Calculator Analyzer with 2x 4-20mA Output
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The POLYMETRON 9123 is part of a range of on-line water chemistry analyzers designed for the power industry. In power plants, the measurement of pH is crucial for corrosion control in water and steam circuits. The 9123 offers a pH calculation by differential conductivity for low conductivity waters. The 9123 also provides cationic conductivity measurement used for continuous low level contamination monitoring. This is one of the most sensitive and reliable on-line means to detect contaminants such as chlorides, sulfates, nitrates and organic acids.

  • All-in-one panel analyzer or single transmitter version available
  • Provides specific cationic (acid) conductivity and calculated pH
  • "Dry" pH detection offers reliable and cost effective analysis compared with traditional electrodes
  • Reduced panel space

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