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Phosphorus (Reactive and Total) TNTplus Vial Test, LR (0.15-4.50 mg/L PO₄), 25 Tests

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Expert Low Range Phosphorus test made simple.

Phosphorus TNTplus® chemistry and your Hach spectrophotometer are engineered to simplify water analysis for accurate results, every time.

For determination of Reactive (ortho) and Total Phosphorus (phosphate) in wastewater, drinking water, boiler water, surface water and process water. TNTplus® phosphorus reagents can provide an Orthophosphate or Total Phosphorus result.

Ascorbic Acid Method is Equivalent to EPA 365.1.

Phosphorus TNTplus chemistry allows you to test for reactive or total phosphorus with each vial. Follow the easy to navigate procedure printed on the lid of the box and then insert the TNTplus vial into your Hach spectrophotometer for an immediate result. Measurments are reported in the low range of 0.15 - 4.50 mg/L as PO4. If you are required to digest your phosphorus sample, performing this step in the sealed vial eliminates loss to evaporation and allows up to 30 simultaneous digestions depending on which DRB200 Reactor Block you are using.

Phosphates present in organic and condensed inorganic forms (meta-, pyro- or other polyphosphates) are first converted to reactive orthophosphate in the total phosphorus procedure. Treatment of the sample with acid and heat provides the conditions for hydrolysis of the condensed inorganic forms. Organic phosphates are also converted to orthophosphates in the total phosphorus procedure by heating with acid and persulfate. The reactive phosphorus procedure measures only the reactive (ortho) phosphorus present in the sample.

  • Easy and safe handling
  • No reagent blank necessary
  • Lot after lot - Be Right
  • Automatic method detection
  • Documented shelf life and COA

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