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PBM Upgrade for LuminUltra PhotonMaster luminometer (Basic Upgrade)

Product #: EQP-PBM-UPGB
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The PBM Upgrade is recommended for any existing LuminUltra PhotonMaster luminometer. The PhotonMaster coupled with the PBM will allow for data transfer to your phone running the LuminUltra Cloud™ mobile app for real time analysis.

LuminUltra Cloud represents a huge leap forward in data acquisition and analysis. This powerful yet user-friendly app enables users to operate their PhotonMaster via mobile phone to generate data, produce graphs, and review data – anywhere, anytime. Other applicable data (e.g. pH, turbidity, etc.) can also be easily entered so that these data can be trended within the app. You can then organize your data according to specific sites complete with GPS-tagged sample locations.

LuminUltra Cloud is now available for Android™ on Google Play and iOS via the App Store®.

  • Detect total active microorganisms in any type of sample
  • Results in minutes - not hours or days - for real-time results
  • Simple and straightforward testing procedure to minimize errors and take action in real-time
  • Lab or field operable for maximum flexibility
  • USB powered and operated for portability and simplicity