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Orbisphere M1100 online Luminescent dissolved oxygen analyzer for in-line applications, 0-2 ppm, with 28 mm Orbisphere fitting

Product #: M1100-S00
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Monitors oxygen in the beverage production process

The Orbisphere M1100 Luminescent dissolved oxygen analyzer, together with the Orbisphere 410 one channel and the Orbisphere 510 multichannel controller, offers a new way of monitoring oxygen in the beverage production process. The M1100 model optical sensor has an unbeatable precision of 0.8ppb and a limit of detection of 0.6ppb. Such accurate measurement readings are essential to control low oxygen levels in beer. The absence of membrane and electrolyte means that the analyzer accuracy is unaffected by process changes or pressure shocks. The dissolved oxygen analyzer has been designed to optimize its total cost of ownership.

  • Minimal Drift and Annual Calibration
  • Minimal Maintenance Optical Technology
  • Low Level Oxygen Measurement with Accurate ppb
  • High Level Oxygen Measurement with Accurate ppm