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NV3300 color probe, SAC 436 nm, 50 mm optical path length, stainless steel, digital

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Easy and reliable color monitoring

The Hach NV3300 color probe enables simple and reliable monitoring of any changes affecting the color of your water. The online color measurement probe is suitable for industrial applications, such as cooling water and waste water, as well as for drinking water and surface water monitoring.
With short measurement intervals and compensation for interference from turbidity, you can be confident to react before downstream water quality is affected. The underlying measuring principle is reagent-free absorbance and transmission measurement of color at 410 nm, 436 nm; 390 nm or 455 nm (Pt-Co color number, APHA/Hazen).
Thanks to factory pre-calibration, simple and reliable event monitoring based on color measurement is available to you from day one with easy setup. Plus, Hach experts are standing by to support you any time.
The probe can be immersed directly in the process or installed using a flow-through cell. A simple grab sample verification procedure helps to ensure sensor performance and conduct optional adjustments. The nano-coated measuring windows are automatically cleaned to prevent fouling of the optical path that can diminish accuracy. The optional titanium housing is particularly well suited for aggressive media in industrial applications.

  • Easy trend monitoring of changes in color
  • Easy operation and expert support
  • Low maintenance and robust housing