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New Online Process Analyzer from Hach Measures Lower Range of Orthophosphate Levels with High Accuracy and Stability

September 21, 2018

New technology meets upcoming stricter limits

Loveland, Colo. – (September 2018) – Hach® ( is announcing the release of the Phosphax sc LR, designed for wastewater treatment professionals who are facing lower phosphorous discharge requirements due to new regulations. The new standards in phosphorous discharge are meant to limit the problems of eutrophication, the excessive growth of plants and algae in surface waters which is caused by higher phosphorous levels.

“The trend for the future is stricter limits on phosphorous discharge,” said Jeff Stock, Hach’s Senior Director of Process Solutions. “Water resource recovery facility managers will need to optimize their systems to meet the new limits – and they’ll need new technology to measure low levels with high accuracy.”

Today, several states in the US are taking varied but significant steps to reduce nutrient loads in their waters, including coordination and collaboration with publicly owned treatment facilities, state drinking water partners, state agriculture departments, federal agencies, conservation offices, NGOs, and the private sector, to determine and implement appropriate discharge levels. Some western states (California, Colorado, Utah) and midwestern states (Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin) are poised to lead the way, with new, lower discharge limits taking effect in the next few years. Wisconsin has been on the leading edge of addressing phosphorous “point source” levels, having effluent phosphorous limits of approximately 1 mg/L since 1992, with proposed limits in 2010 going down to 0.03 mg/L for surface waters (1). The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) set Chesapeake Bay watershed limits to 12.5 million pounds of phosphorous in 2010 requiring a 24% reduction in phosphorous discharge limits(2). Pollution reducing practices are expected to lead to even higher reductions to attain applicable water quality standards.

New challenges, new technology

Hach’s newest innovative solution, the Phosphax sc LR, measures orthophosphate as low as 0.015‐2 mg/L, giving plant operators accurate, low‐range measuring capabilities. The analyzer, with its new built‐in photometric unit and new split reagent dosing technology, is well‐suited for use within water resource recovery facilities due to its robustness, lower running costs, less maintenance, capability for outside use, and zero requirement to cool reagents.


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