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Submerged AV System

Using a submerged AV monitoring system to capture wastewater flow data has been an efficient approach for decades, but at Hach we’re always challenging ourselves to find ways to improve. It’s this continual commitment to product innovation that led to the creation of the Hach FL900AV Flow Meter . This powerful meter, with our new AV9000 Analyzer Module, provides “cleaner,” more precise data than ever before. With advanced signal processing and filtering options, the AV9000 Analyzer expands the applicability of the sensor into more difficult applications.

What else makes this new meter special? Well, for starters, the digital signal used by the AV9000 module dampens EMF and RFI noise, resulting in smoother, more accurate level measurements. And its velocity measurements can even account for water temperature swings and salinity concentrations. Plus, advanced analyzer diagnostics allow you to verify that the sensor is working properly even before you leave the site, giving you peace of mind.

So, if you’re looking to measure flow with a submerged AV sensor for the first time, or simply need to replace an aging submerged AV logger, the Hach FL900AV Flow Meter takes accuracy to a whole new level.
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