Marsh McBirney - A Hach Company Brand

Flow measurement challenges?
Meet our expert solutions.

For over 40 years, Hach's legacy brand Marsh-McBirney has been providing water and wastewater professionals with innovative and award-winning solutions for open channel flow measurement challenges in both municipal and industrial scenarios.

With meters designed for various applications, you are guaranteed to find the ideal solution for everything from the easiest flow monitoring conditions to the most challenging of requirements. And with remote communication options and web-enabled flow meters, getting accurate, timely data has never been easier. In fact, we even offer Data Delivery Service that provides customers with unedited sewer flow data via a web browser without the need for meter purchase or maintenance.

This singular commitment to creating innovative and reliable flow monitoring products, as well as a powerful network of unrivaled sales and support professionals, is what makes Hach’s Marsh-McBirney product line an industry leader in every way.

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