Method 334: Laboratory Solutions for Chlorine Analyzer Regulation Compliance

Method 334.0 Overview*

In November 2009, the EPA released Method 334.0 Determination of Residual Chlorine in Drinking Water Using an On-line Chlorine Analyzer, which outlines proof-of-performance and quality control requirements for on-line chlorine analyzers to be used for reporting residual chlorine in a drinking water system. Lab or grab-sample methods are required and are the reference for verifying or calibrating an on-line chlorine analyzer. Method 334.0 was promulgated to allow technologies for on-line chlorine analysis not previously approved, such as on-line amperometric sensors, to be reportable. The method provides the specification and acceptance criteria for each requirement yet it does not provice detailed test procedures. In response, the drinking water application experts at Hach developed the above products and procedures to help with compliance.

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Exclusive from Hach:

Step by Step Method 334

Step-by-Step Methods

Created by Hach’s Laboratory Applications team, this document directly refers to each requirement outlined in the EPA’s new chlorine analyzer regulation, Method 334.0, and provides easy-to-follow instructions as well as a list of necessary equipment and reagents.

Pocket Colorimeter™ II, Chlorine (Free & Total), Mid Range/High Range

NEW Pocket Colorimeter II, MR/HR Chlorine

New Range: 0.05-4.00 mg/L or 0.1-10.0 mg/L. This new Pocket Colorimeter II makes it easy to measure residual chlorine levels at a drinking water facility because it provides readings with 0.01 mg/L resolution across the entire EPA-regulated range.

SpecCheck Secondary Gel Standards Set, DPD Chlorine - LR

New SpecCheck Gel Standards

This mid-range standard kit allows for simple verification of the mid-range on the new Pocket
Colorimeter II.

Pocket Colorimeter™ II, Chlorine Calibration Verification System

NEW Chlorine Calibration Verification System

This stand-alone system provides everything needed to comply with Method 334.0*, the EPA’s new chlorine analyzer regulation. This includes the Method document, the MR/HR Pocket Colorimeter II for Chlorine, the corresponding SpecCheck gel standards, chlorine standard solution ampules, and general laboratory supply.