Notice to Medical Customers

Any customer testing for chlorine or chloramines in regulated medical applications should do so with an FDA cleared device. Although Hach Company does not currently offer an FDA cleared colorimeter or process analyzer for use in testing chlorine or chloramines, Environmental Test Systems (a Hach Company brand) offers a Total Chlorine Test Kit that is cleared by the FDA specifically for use in regulated medical applications. The ETS SteriChek Total Chlorine DPD Test Kit can be purchased through one of ETS' preferred distributors. If you have any questions regarding the technical specifications of this product, please contact ETS at 574.262.2060 or via e-mail at For order inquiries, please contact ETS' preferred distributor, Henry Schein®, at 1-800-851-0400.

Effective April 3rd, 2013, Hach has updated all relevant content (web, catalog, methods, etc.) associated with approximately 115 Hach chlorine testing products including reagents, test kits, test strips, pocket colorimeters, and process analyzers with the following notice : "This product has not been evaluated to test for chlorine and chloramines in medical applications in the United States." Subject to Hach's customary order acceptance requirements (e.g., compliance with U.S. export control restrictions, customer credit, etc.) and lead times, Hach will not restrict customers' ability to purchase the affected products, but it is the customer's responsibility to use all products in accordance with Hach's product literature, including all operating instructions, warning labels, and notifications.

Thank you,
- Hach Company